Induction hardening

Induction hardening is a proven method for increasing the quality of precision parts made of steel, cast steel or cast iron.


If the workpiece to be hardened is subjected to an electromagnetic alternating field, electric current is induced to it. The current lets the metal heat up.

The workpieces to be hardened are heated up to approx. 900°C and immediately cooled down again with coolant.
This temperature change changes the structure of the metal grid. This structure change manifests itself macroscopically as increased material hardness.

The advantages of induction hardening:

  • partial hardening
  • fast heating
  • low scale-formation
  • no coarse grit formation
  • high throughput
  • no contamination of the environment

The Schulz Hartchrom GmbH hardens shafts and chrome bars (centerless) in continuous operation with the following processing options:

Processing options:  
min. diameter: 25 mm
max. diameter: 120 mm
min. length: 1.100 mm
max. length: 6.600 mm