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Nickel hard chrome

This combination of galvanic layers lead to very good results in practice. Very high corrosion resistance with high wear and tear protection distinguish this layer system. It is applied on workpieces coming into contact with corrosive agents like acids, alkaline solutions, seawater, vapours, etc. that are supposed to fulfil the wear and tear protection properties of hard chrome at the same time.

The nickel/hard chrome layer system is distinguished by a perfect transition to the substrate (steel), homogeneous distribution of the microcracks as well as a moderate hardness of approx. 900 – 1000 HV. If the workpiece is subjected to very high strain due to construction reasons, this may lead to the formation of microcracks on the chrome layer. However, the underlying more ductile nickel layer still protects the substrate against corrosion. A usual layer thickness for this system consists of 25 µm galv. nickel and 25 µm hard chrome (Fe-Ni25/Cr25).

Our processing options:  
max. dimension: Ø 150 × 2.000 mm
max. weight: 50 kg
+49 40 822 9560 0
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